oh, taylor how we love thee!

these two shots were taken by Zach Braff at his home in Los Angeles.

Styling: Gary Samulian & Adrien Rabago


model: gabby

photo: tate burdick

styling: gary samuelian & adrien rabago

Photographed by: Geoff Moore

Makeup: Glorio Noto

Styling: Leila Baboi

styling: moses moreno

The mood in this is incredlble. Captured both in the quality of the photo, by Todd Weaver, and in the jewelry line, Trapped in the Attic created by Caiti Hawkins.


Taken at an estate east of Los Angeles, an elegant flowerchild came out to play.

These are being used for the FORD model’s new faces.

Should be getting more soon to post.

photography: zoey grossman

the beauty of working with David Black.

Portrait of Donald, The Virgins.

Here are a few stills from the shoot. We trekked down to Riverside for four days. We stayed at a sketchy Motel 6, swam late at night, shot in 110 degree weather, and had an absolute blast working with a crew that soon became family.

Director: Timothy Garrett

Makeup: Lily Armstrong

Wardrobe: Marti Heil (Their lovely mother!)

Ad for Nixon watches.

Miss Little Boots herself, before her concert in San Francisco. Makeup: Bebe Booth


Month by Month

these are the words and pictures depicting the adventures and working days of kristen shaw.